Bone Machines - out now

My first novel, BONE MACHINES, is out now. Great cover by David Gentry.

congratulations! :slight_smile:

Well done. And yes, great cover art.


Congratulations, John. I hope it does well.

see you Jimmy :wink: nice one son! :laughing: Away the noo: Bonemachines 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anywhere we can purchase one on this side of the pond?

I am sure there’s a way. Publisher says it will be on Amazon, but I imagine he’s got some way of doing transactions to US also. Will check and get back to you. And thanks for asking.

thanks - it’s not on Amazon yet, but that would certainly be nice!

In response to Dixonge’s question:

It’s been delayed on Amazon for the moment because of lengthy procedures over the ISBN number. It has to go through process first.

The publisher says this:
Anyone from the US or worldwide can buy the book from A quick PayPal payment and a few days later and they’ll be reading it.

Thanks for your interest and supportive comments

Great, I think this is just what I need for the 20hrs flight to Sydney next week. I’ll get this and give feedback. Any other page turners you recommend for making time fly by?


Ordered it - read it - loved it!

I was very impressed. Surely a sequel is in the works?

Thanks so much! My first review. As a matter of fact, a sequel is in the works, which has Tom Kendrick in it, but a new main character, a social antrhopologist. Provisional title: Kali’s Kiss, involving honour killings, witchcraft and illegal immigration.