Bone Rattler

I want to put in a plug for the new Eliot Pattison novel, Bone Rattler. It’s a murder mystery set during the French and Indian War (i.e. the Seven Years War). The protagonist is a young Scottish physician, Duncan McCallum, sentenced to seven years of forced labor for harboring his aging uncle, who was wanted for treason. Sent to the New York colony to serve out his sentence in service to a wealthy lord, McCallum witnesses two deaths and several strange events aboard the prison ship on route. Circumstances and his expertise in anatomy lead to Duncan being given the responsibility to solve a murder, the investigation of which continues once he’s in the new world.

The mystery itself is only the McGuffin in this story, and while intriguing, it is one of those that if the right person would just speak up everything could be cleared up. But that doesn’t matter, because the story is really about the spiritual connections between the Scots and the Iroquois Indians. The novel is very rich in atomosphere and historical detail.

The writing is good, and it is a treat to read any novel set in colonial America. But I also enjoyed the characters, including several Native Americans. The book also promises to be the first of a series, and I am looking forward to future adventures.

Here’s the link:

totaloly off-topic, Vermonter, is there any truth in this characterization?


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