book and page size, margins, formatting

Hello I am new to scrivener, Since last week i started in this software and so far it works pretty good and simple.
That said i still have some questions which I couldn’t find in the tutorials or the manual. There is a change that because i am not a native English speaker that i searched on the wrong key words.
But I have some issues with book/ page size, margins etc. I also have no clue how big my page size is and where to set this.
I would expect settings where you can choose your book / page dimensions so that i directly can format my book so that it is print ready.
Is it possible in this software like in word to set the physical book/ page size and show the margins on the page where i am typing? At last i am wondering if there is an option to already number the pages since in my book i need to refer to certain page numbers.
Hope someone can help me out. I guess formatting the book to the right size so that it is ready to print must be a key function of Scrivener.