Book as separate folder instead of Draft section


I was experiencing strange page breaks whilst compiling my book and realised that I had setup/layed out everything in its own separate folder instead of under the Drafts section. Is there a simple way to get it transfered to the Drafts section or a way to have the book compile exactly as I set it up (i.e. with each document being a page)? Thanks for the help.

Everything is fluid in the outline. You can drag and drop stuff around to reorganise it just like you would in a file browser. Select the folders that are misplaced, and drag them into the Draft folder to indent them.

As for page breaks, these are usually handled in the Separators compile option pane. By default folders following text files will generate a page break, simulating a chapter. You can choose to insert page breaks between text files as well, though, if that is what you mean by treating each text item in the Binder as a page.

Thank you for your help. Actually, I should have said that the properly layed-out/arranged pages are organized as a Collection not a folder. I tried dragging/dropping the collection into the Drafts folder but it didn’t allow me to do so. By the way, this is a poetry book with each page being a separate .docx file imported from Word.

Oh okay, yes a Collection doesn’t exist within the same realm as Binder items. It’s a super-organisation tool and thus itself cannot be “dragged” anywhere. It’s just a way to collect and list elements from the Binder. You can, however, drag items from a Collection into a single destination in the Binder. Just drag and drop onto the Binder tab, wait a moment for it to switch, and then drop the files into the target folder. They will be ordered as they appeared in the Collection. It’s a useful way to play with an alternate flow for a bit, and if you like it, bring it back to the Binder.

If that is what you mean by having things already properly layed out in the Collection, then that could be the trick you are looking for. This will make the new order permanent in the Binder.

You can also compile a collection list, bypassing the Draft entirely. That would be done in the Contents compile option pane, via the drop-down list at the top. I would stress this route is more meant for special circumstances—it isn’t meant to be the normal way you use Scrivener. Where it becomes useful is if you want to only compile bits of your Draft, and perhaps in an order that doesn’t match the Binder at all, without disturbing the Binder order. If it is important that the Binder stay the way it is, then compiling a collection list is the approach to take.

Thank you very much for your help and detailed guidance! I very much appreciate it.