Book does not open to front cover. Why?


I have noticed that when my .mobi file is opened on a Kindle reader, it opens to the Preface of my book, which is the first text file in the Draft section.

Instead I would like the book to open to the cover image which is an image inserted in a text file within front matter (Front matter is in a folder of its own).

Any ideas what is happening & how to fix?



That’s what most Kindle readers do, open to the ToC or the first page with text. It has nothing to do with Scrivener. I guess that those who programmed the Kindle readers thought that if you click on a book in your collection you want to open it to look inside, not look at the front cover.

Thanks so much for the reply. Now I know! I agree, going straight to the content makes sense. I was showing the book to a friend last night, and as he opened it on his Kindle he was curious to see what my book cover looked like - but it was bypassed entirely. Thanks for explaining that it’s not Scrivener, or anything I should try to change in my file!

In my Kindle reader (for iPad) there is a special item Cover in the drop down menu in the upper left corner, so it’s possible to look at it.