Book for Windows Scrivner 3?

Hi I see a book for Scrivner 3 Mac is available. Will there be a book for Windows Scrivner 3? This would help us newbies a lot.

There probably will be a book available, but…

Assuming you’re a user who’s completely new to Scrivener: personally I’d caution against buying one at the beginning.

(Even if you’re used to a previous version, I’d say the same thing: V3 comes with a specific tutorial on the differences between the versions, which covers all the angles.)

The reason is that Scrivener comes with an excellent Interactive Tutorial which will tell you everything you need to know at the beginning. It’s designed especially for this purpose and it’s the best overview you’ll get anywhere, because you’re using the program itself while you’re doing the tutorial. You’ll find it on the Help Menu, or from the New Projects dialogue.

If you were to spend a couple of hours going through the tutorial when you first get the program, you will pick up the concepts and the vocabulary you need to be productive – and you’ll be able to pick out the features that are necessary for you personally (no-one uses all the features in Scrivener as it’s a toolbox, not a straightjacket).

Once you’ve gone through the tutorial a lot of the basic questions will disappear: you’ll know the basic concepts, and you’ll know what the main features and how to describe them (ie Scrivener’s vocabulary…). That’ll take an hour or two at most.

Then try and use that knowledge in your project, concentrating on the things you want to do first. If you have any questions, then you’ll have a better chance of describing what the problems are and you’ll get the help you need on this forum. At this stage, you could also start to look at some of the videos that are around (but you have to be careful, because some of these are from different versions and that can be confusing…).

Only after you’d tried all that and found it wanting would I buy a book – some of them may be good but you’ve nothing to lose by spending a couple of hours trying the Tutorial first, and IMO it’s likely you’ll find you don’t need a book at all, because you’ll ‘speak Scrivener’ well enough to get any answers you need.