Book Index and X-Ray in Kindle

I’m just starting to dabble with Scrivener but so far it looks to be tremendous. I suspect I"ll also use it for blog composing too but right now I’m researching how to help someone get a very complex but important book onto Kindle.

One thing I’ve not found: is there a way to do a full book index?

And following on from that, how does the X-Ray feature on Kindle work: it seems to be based around indexes but is there some extra secret sauce? Perhaps this can go on the wish list.

If you want an index you’ll have to use something like Nisus Writer Pro. The philosophy behind Scrivener is really “write and organise the text, and don’t worry about the pages”. That means the program doesn’t concern itself too much with page layout or numbering, both of which are important when it comes to making indexes.

Don’t know anything about Kindle, I’m afraid.

Cheers, Martin.