Book revisions: Scrivener/Word/Pages...

Hi all, I compiled my nonfiction manuscript (without footnotes) and sent it to my editor, who sent me her edits in Word. I opened them in Pages, made my revisions, and sent her back a Word doc. Note that there is now an updated version outside of Scrivener.

I now need to send her another compiled version with footnotes, which means getting the newest version back into Scrivener. Any suggestions as to the best way to do this? And, for the record, would it have been better to send her a version with footnotes from the beginning?


If you ultimately wanted to include footnotes then yes, it would have been easier to put them in the first Compiled version.

Scrivener can certainly re-import the edited Word file, but merging the unfootnoted edited version with your footnoted original is going to be a challenge. If it were me, I would compile a footnoted version of the original and use Word’s document compare features to merge the two.


Thanks, Katherine!