Bookends 50% off at MacUpdate Promo

Today only, MacUpdate offers Bookends at 49.99$. Although I’m a happy Sente user myself, many people prefer Bookends or are waiting for a nice discount to purchase a bibliography software and this one may be worth it.

I got BookEnds at a similar sort of promo at the end of last year. I’ve found it excellent, the developer is very responsive and it’s just been updated. Apparently there is better integration with Nisus, though how that compares with its integration with Mellel, I don’t know.

I had a look at Sente when first considering purchasing bibliographic software, but was happier with BookEnds, and I’m certainly happy with my current choice.

Definitely worth having if you’re in the market for that kind of software.


I took advantage of this deal. Thanks! I had been wanting Bookends for a while but balked at the $100 price tag.

Me too. A half price deal combined with all the positive experiences I’ve read over the years were the right trigger for me… :slight_smile: