Bookends and Scrivener

When I was working on my dissertation, the one pain I had to endure was the process of going from Scrivener to the final printed chapter. I had to export my draft to an RTF file, scan it with Bookends, then convert the RTF file to a DOC file with MS Word, and finally open the DOC file for final page layout in Pages. This somewhat convoluted process would’ve been endurable hadn’t it been for MS Word’s behavior–many times it just scrambled my format and initial font settings, others it would just refuse to load the document, and so forth.

I’m glad to report that MS Word is out of my workflow now thanks to Bookends newly implemented support for Pages. You export your file from Scrivener to an RTF file, open and save it in Pages, and Bookends can scan it, replace citations and produce a bibliography which is attached at the end of your Pages document. I was worried about footnotes, the bane of Pages’ handling of RTF files, but I’m happy to report that, though not true footnotes, they are exported as formatted endnotes at the end of the document.

Thanks for this. I now have more reason to buy Pages! I used to use Mellel because of its outlining capabilities (I wrote my dissertation in Mellel), and now I can use Scr. for the same and all the other wonderful things about Scr., and use Pages as my final formatting program. I hate Word. Plain and simple. I had to use it the other day and remembered all over again just how much I dislike that program. I also use Bookends, which makes this work even better for me. And I use very few footnotes and mostly endnotes, so that works too.

Thanks again!

One of the nice things about Word 2008 is its biblio manager. I still waffle on doing long academic papers in Scriv or Word, but I tend to want to keep the post-formatting to a minumum.