Bookends floating citations suddenly not copying!?

I have never had a problem with scrivener and bookend’s floating citations. After restarting my computer from a time machine backup, the floating citations don’t copy in scrivener anymore. They do with all other programs I just tried, but not scrivener. By contrast the drag and drop to scrivener works. It is just the floating citations. I tried closing and reopening various times both apps (scrivener and bookends). Any ideas? Thanks!

I use Bookends, but not sure what you mean by “floating citations.” What are those?

When I want to insert a citation I call up Bookends using the CMD+Y toggle.

When you restored your computer, is it possible that you accidentally reverted to an older version of Scrivener? The Scrivener → About Scrivener command will tell you which version you have; the latest is 3.2.3.


Thank you for the responses. It must have been a bug with OS blocking the event for some reason. After a couple of reboots, it started working again. Sorry for the hassle. Anyway, the customer support from Bookends is incredibly good. Never experienced anything like it. A+++. Orpheus, floating citations are my bread and butter. Just love them. See, Bookends Tutorial: Floating Citations - YouTube.


Thank you for that reference.