Bookends Setup

New here. Just got Bookends. Question…

Which Word Processor should I choose in Bookends preferences? I am currently using Bookends with Scrivener and Nisus Writer Pro. Should I select Scrivener or NWP?

Presumably you are using Scrivener as a drafting tool, so you should choose Scrivener. This means that you will be able to automatically switch back and forth between Bookends and Scrivener, pasting in temporary citations. Then, when you compile to Nisus (later on) you will be able to tidy up the document, and scan for the final citations.


If you are producing your text in Scrivener, set that as your Bookends word processor so you’ll be able to enter all your citations (in temporary format) as you write.

When you export your text to rtf and open it in NWP, you’ll find that that has it’s own code to scan the document using Bookends to turn the citations into the full form that you designate and create the bibliography.

I’m away from home and only have my iPad with me, so can’t confirm the menu entry in NWP, but perhaps someone else will before I get the chance.

Mr X

So, I don’t have to switch it later while I compile and send to NWP? Great!

Like I said, just getting started with academic research but, I have to learn the programs first and get a good workflow developed. Busy reading a bunch of manuals now and just trying to get everything set up before I begin.