Bookends trouble

I use Bookends for my reference management. For some time now (I think it actually happens since Scrivener’s last upgrade, but am not entirely sure), I noticed that they don’t play together nicely anymore. While Cmd-Y brings me to Bookends and Cmd-C seems to copy the reference I want, the next Cmd-Y does not get me and the reference back to Scrivener?!?! Has anybody else experienced that behaviour? Any help is much appreciated

Have you contacted Bookends support? Scrivener doesn’t really have anything to do with the return trip. The second Cmd-Y is a Bookends shortcut.

It’s working for me (Scrivener 2.2, Bookends 11.2.4) I.e. cmd-Y to Bookends, select reference, cmd-Y back to Scrivener, pastes the reference in automatically (no need to cmd-C).

The last time the round-trip didn’t work for me was because I’d set Word to be the word processor in Bookends. So, at the risk of asking the obvious, have you checked what is set in:

Scrivener: Preferences > General > Bibliography Manager.

Bookends: Prefences > General > Word Processor.