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It would be neat if I could add, from the Insert…menu, a marker of some sort in the text when I need to leave it and go elsewhere, either to another document or when I close the window or shut down the app. Something cool like a coloured tab. I find myself scrolling up and down to find where I left off, unless I use the highlighter to mark a paragraph, but then I still must scroll to locate it, whereas a bookmark could have an associated list of marks to “GO TO…”

And no, I don’t want Scrivener to be MS Word–horrors! But this would be a useful addition.

I’d probably use it if it were available, but I certainly don’t crave it. I guess that
translates into a suitably ambivalent “yes and no”, or to say it in a single word:


Canajian, oui, eh? Moi aussi. Is there another technique you use to locate stuff in a long document, or one with many parts/chapters to it?

Canajian, yes, but the “eh” was a kind of NY Jewish “eh” (not the Canajian “ay”)
sometimes represented as “feh” and loosely interpretable as “maybe - maybe not”

I do think the marker would be useful. I now use a highlight as you’ve suggested,
and it seems to work.


This kind of bookmark makes sense in long documents, no doubt. But personally, I’d rather divide a long text into single files and use the Label or Status to tag it. Or write a comment in the Notes field. Or use the keywords. So, for my way of writing there’s already plenty of possibilities there to mark certain sections …

Understandably, Scrivener does do those quite well, but what I am facing is already broken into chapters, but just locating the last bit I worked on in each chapter is a pain: for example, I may be in chapter 3, then excise a bit to put in chapter 5, but of course I intend to return to ch3, but then get caught up in writing ch5, and so on. Keywords don’t really do it for me in that I’d have to create a very specific key word, perhaps nonsensical, to find just that one occurance. So…

I’d love bookmarks - say ranging from one to ten. This would be a fantastic help in revision, when trying to strengthen character/ plot.

Also in drafting, when layering. I’d find bookmarks immensely valuable.

Hope they’re included soon. :slight_smile:



Unless/until bookmarks are included in Scrivener, you might try what I do in such situations: mark the place I want to return to with a *, **, *** or other such symbol.

Why don’t you just leave the cursor at the place where you intend to return? That way, when you do return, the document will be scrolled to the right place.

At any rate, there are no plans for a bookmark feature - in fact, as of 1.1, there will be few new features for some time - but I’ll add it to the list of possibilities for 2.0 in the Distant Future.

All the best,

I’m with Tim on this one, except my single word is more likely to be “er”, and delivered with a questioning inflection.

So simple, it’s positively brilliant! Scratch all before.

Roy :slight_smile:

I do exactly that, except I use [[[ to avoid confusion with section breaks or other legitimate uses of asterisks.

Another thing you can do, of course, is use annotations for this. Just create an annotation with the text “BOOKMARK” in it. Then you can use the annotations finder (in the Find menu) to look for only annotations containing the text “BOOKMARK”. And of course, you can exclude annotations from the export, so if you accidentally leave any in the text, they won’t be in your final draft.