Bookmarking Documents in Scrivener 3

I’ve been reading the blogs as theyve come out on 3.0. It may sound like a daft question, but youve talked extensively about bookmarking project notes, can you do the same for Document notes?

Have a look at the comments on this post:

Someone else asked a similar question there.


Well, I think, if that’s the case they’ve missed a big big opportunity! For me tying in associated document notes for a scene’s location, the document notes appertaining to the characters featured in that scene, that kind of organisation is a must when it comes to writing novals, screenplays, or indeed anything.

I suppose most people, heretofore, have put those sort of “notes” in Documents in Scrivener (maybe locating them down in the Research folder), not in Document Notes (which are specific to the document to which they are attached). In that way, they can in various ways pull up those Documents containing notes and consult them no matter what scene document they are currently working in. Putting your character notes in the Notes area of a scene document would be a hard way to go – precisely since you want to pull up those character notes throughout your project – not just in connection with that one document.


Long experience with end-user requests have lead me to notice (sometimes imagine!) when what that user wants is different from what they’re specifically asking for. Forgive me if I’m off base here, but which of the following is an accurate re-statement of your request (pick all that apply)? :wink:

  1. You want Document Bookmarks that work similarly to Project Bookmarks, but for each document in the binder instead of just for the whole project.
  2. You want Document Notes to remain a feature of Scriv 3.
  3. You want the Document Notes feature, as it exists in Scriv 2, to have been removed from Scrivener 3.

My guess is that you want #1, and are okay with #2 (even if you don’t think you’ll need or want them anymore), while your request is being interpreted by others as #1 + #3.

Okay, okay. What I want is the related character and location notes and any relavent research documents appended like they are going to be in Project Notes. In other words always available.

For example, a POV may differ from one scene to the next. How great would it be to have the character profile to hand for each scene. The same with the other characters and the same with the location, or specific Story lines.

Anyway, since that winge I had an inspiration to use the scrivenings, internal links from the Document Notes which opens up the Quick Reference panel containing the information, and that seems to satisfy my curiosity.

Just so I understand this…

You want to have a document in the Editor, and in the Inspector see a list of other documents, which you can click on to see the contents – is that right?

Version 3 does this – you can toggle in the Inspector (cmd-6) between Project Bookmarks (every document in the project sees the same list of bookmarks in the Inspector) and Document Bookmarks (each document can see a different list of bookmarks).

In both cases, clicking on a bookmark shows its text in the ‘Note’ pane below.

And of course, any bookmark can be detached as a Quick Reference window if you want more flexibility.

That’s exactly what I was hoping for.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just out of interest Bookter, how did you know of the behaviour of Document Bookmarks in Scrivener 3, have you been one of the beta testers?

Yes, I’ve been beta testing for six months or so (quite a few people on the forum have been) and been using Version 3 exclusively for most of that time.

You’ll have seen people starting to mention the features recently – for obvious reasons beta testers agreed not to discuss features and progress until L&L gave the go ahead. It’s been difficult not talking about it until the last week or two… :smiley: Scrivener 2 is very good, but Version 3 takes it to a new level. It’s an amazing piece of work, not just in the execution, but in the design.

That’s really fascinating to hear. Do you know when it’ll be brought to market?

Nobody outside L&L knows that — but the developers have said it won’t be long now.