Bookmarking selections from research articles?

It’s very likely I’m thinking about this the wrong way, but I’d love to be able to see a window containing selections I’ve made from different documents I’ve brought into Scrivener. I work in non-fiction, and it’d be very useful to be able to go through various articles I’ve imported and highlight/bookmark/select? sentences or paragraphs and then, while writing, be able to have those selections viewable. I’ve tried to use the bookmark tool, but when I do project bookmarks, it just shows the title of the article. Not what I’ve actually selected. Is what I’m looking for possible? Thanks.

It’s not possible to bookmark or otherwise reference a portion of a document. The only way it could work with Project Bookmarks is if split the sections out into their own documents. Once you click on the document that is bookmarked the whole text of that document is displayed.

As a non-fiction author myself I split the editor and have one side the chapter I’m writing and the other side a folder of notes for that chapter displayed in Scrivenings mode. That way I can scroll to anything I’ve highlighted in the notes.

This a really big deal. There is no way at all of bookmarking content in documents; that’s horrible. Acrobat can do it.

I have imported some long research documents and sites and I just cannot believe there is no way of doing this within a document. A web-style anchor would work great (with a hidden character like the paragraph mark).

Another great option would be to make the Comment on the right link to the actual highlight in the document, something else that seems obviously missing to me. You could accomplish both ideas with one fix.

Just my take on things, but a huge feature is missing here.

So the goal is to see part of documents for reference and copying?

Why not use the Scratchpad? Paste what you want in there.

You could use the Bookmark feature opened as a sidebar in a Quick Reference.

If PDFs are the document in question, Quick References also work and they show the (whole) doc’s contents. Copyholders work, too.

Did I miss something essential?

Mac OS Preview can place Bookmarks in PDF files, too. The problem is that such bookmarks are visible within Preview, but don’t provide an external reference that Scrivener can use.