Bookmarks in Windows - Scrivener 3

With Scrivener 1 I was able to export to Word and use the TOC functionality to get page numbers and hyperlinks in .doc and .rtf documents, as part of a full table of contents. When I started using the trial version I was never able to repeat this, so I developed work arounds.
Now that the product is near launch, my assumption is that this functionality is well and truly restored and the problem is mine. Therefore I am asking here and not reporting a bug.
I have spent weeks trying different compiler configurations, using empty templates and re installing Scrivener. I am now wondering if you have any suggestions.
In the TOC, the links appears to be structured correctly in the .docx file. The .docx document itself also appears to be formatted correctly. However, the bookmarks are missing entirely (except for one from a “back matter” document, that is appearing at the very beginning of the compiled .docx file).
In the “Settings” for each section, “Include in RTF bookmarks” is ticked (that seems to be a commonly reported fix).
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.