Bookmarks: more accurate, less obtrusive

Why can’t I set a bookmark in a precise location – say, between words – rather than have it appear at the beginning of the paragraph? Bookmarks, like footnotes and endnotes, should reference a specific location.

Also, is there any way to make the anchors for bookmarks and notes invisible? The bookmark system in Word is wonderful, because you can set and return to any number of signposts, which are precisely located in the text and don’t clutter it with extraneous symbols. I’d love that alternative here, as well as the ability to make all footnote and endnote anchors invisible, perhaps on a toggle, and so to read the text as clean as possible.


Bookmarks is a bit of a rough feature and will, in fact, be dropped from a future version in favour of a different system. But there is indeed no way to set anchors for specific words, sorry.

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Thanks for the answer, Keith – and thanks generally for a superb piece of software.

What I have in mind (creating a quick bookmark macro to set, and return to, an anchor point in the text) could easily be worked around if there were some way of making anchors invisible for footnotes and endnotes, whether external or in-line.

Can this be done?

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