Bookmarks Type Auto Change - BUG

The update from Notes to Bookmarks makes sense, as it gives more control. I can see that, and like it. BUT the old Notes used to (very helpfully) remember which view was used for which document (Project or Document Notes). And so when I was in Corkboard View my notes would automatically switch to Project Notes view, and when in individual docs in an editor window, the notes would automatically switch to the last selected view which was Document Notes view. This was extremely helpful and time saving.

This behavior does not seem to be present in this new Scrivener vers. When I select document view for Bookmarks in editor, then switch over to Corkboard View, the Bookmarks remains in Document View, despite me selecting it as Project View the last time I was in Corkboard View. This is aggravating and time consuming to keep switching back and forth manually.

Can you please update this so that Bookmarks Views remember their last selected state (Project or Document View) for each document/view (Corkboard vs document, for example)? As it used to in last version of Scrivener?

Many thanks. Love the new Bookmarks otherwise.

Or simply making the default view for Corkboard when no files are selected as Project Bookmarks View, and default for when a document is selected as Document Bookmarks View, and automatically switching between the two whether in Corkboard or a document would be fine for my needs.