Shift-Command-B is an often-used tool for me. But I sometimes work with unwieldy drafts that go on for pages without a paragraph break. This is when the value of bookmarking, as currently set up, is greatly diminished for me. I’ve searched these forums, and the Scrivener Manual, but haven’t found any way as simple as Shift-Command-B to bookmark a specific place within a paragraph.
Might a macro such as Shift-Option-Command-B do the trick? Might the master macro makers choose to do so? :roll:

Have you tried using inspector comments to mark sections of text? The text of the comment isn’t important here, just the fact that the comment boxes will group together in the inspector, floating to the top regardless of where in the document the comment is assigned. Clicking a comment will scroll you to its linked text in the document, so they can act as bookmarks in this way.