I would like to see a dedicated button for Bookmarks with a pop up window that shows you the bookmark and will take you to it when you click on it. A way to have this in the Binder would be idea as well.


This feature already exists. It is documented in §14.11 (pg. 203) of the user manual PDF.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

What I meant, however, was something more like a single button (Icon) on the toolbar where you didn’t have to go to View>Text Bookmarks. Just clicking on the icon would bring up the same thing more efficently. :slight_smile:

There is a shortcut listing in the editor toolbar. Just click on the item’s icon, next to the title, to access it. I don’t think it would work to have a toolbar icon for this—and it wouldn’t be any more convenient than the header bar icon, as you have to click and hold to access Toolbar menus rather than just clicking. The main application toolbar does not typically concern itself with the content particulars of the document it is attached to, much less the content particulars of a piece of content within the document window—i.e. its content being swapped out and often disabled entirely by changes in the disposition of the editor, or when split, which editor. The main toolbar is more generic than that.