Hello there,
I’ve searched and read all of the posts i can find relating to bookmarking. Most mention using annotations, adding and then view/annotation. However I assume this just applies to the Mac version as I can find no way to view the annotations I have used. If someone could point me in the right direction or suggest a way of adding a bookmark that I can append a short note onto then many thanks. I have checked on page 203 of windows version manual but I assume that post was referring to the Mac version.

Yes, the trick works on Windows as well. To make a marker in your document that you can come back to later, just use an inline annotation in the spot you wish to mark and type in something you’ll remember so you can search for it. If you keep it unique enough, then in the future you can just use the Project Search tool at the top to return to it—some like to use a date stamp as that is fairly unique. Just use Ctrl-Shift-A to start an annotation, then Edit/Insert/Date and Time. You might want to copy and paste that into a convenient location so you know how to get back to it. I like to use Project Notes for things like this. Just keep a list of “bookmarks” in a list over there in the sidebar.

You can also search specifically for annotations, and specifically for text within annotations, using Edit/Find/Find by Formatting.... Set the Find type to “Inline Annotation” and type in the bookmark keyword you wish to locate.

Thanks for that, just what I was looking for.