I don’t understand the Scrivener manual on this point. I have subheadings within a document that I would like to have bookmarked for easy navigation. But I also want them printed when I compile the project. These bookmarks consist of several words with spaces between them. Must I type *, space, bookmarktitle, than RETURN and bookmarktitle on the next line?

You don’t need to type in the asterisk+space yourself. We have a handy tool for doing that for you, because the bookmark code also has another important ingredient to it: it’s a blue coloured inline annotation. That is key, because any blue coloured inline annotation that starts at the beginning of the line and starts with one or two asterisks will always be stripped out of the compiled document, even if you otherwise have inline annotations set to be included in the output.

The easiest way to bookmark a line or paragraph is to hit Shift-Cmd-B, or use the Edit/Insert/Bookmark Annotation menu command.

Here is an advanced example from the user manual. The “Edit Menu” file which documents all of the commands in the Edit menu is as you can imagine a fairly long document. So I’ve not only split it up into bookmarks, one for each command and sub-menu, but I’ve used the “Bookmark Header Annotation” feature as well. You can see how that is done on the line directly above the “Insert” bookmark. Note how this creates a custom title in the menu when you put words inside the blue annotation, and that a double-asterisk bookmark creates a sub-grouping in the bookmarks menu.