I often will open a new file in Scrivener (within my novel project) and just write random musings, whatever comes to mind kind of stuff when I’m feeling bad about not contributing real meat to the project. I also have a large number of files culled from earlier efforts included in the project (called Snippings and Filler). Sometimes, upon rereading this material, I find a nugget that I may want to use in the book. I’d like to mark it for easy retrieval.

So I discovered Bookmarks. Yay! :slight_smile: Then I immediately discovered that bookmarks are only available if you happen to already be in the relevant file. Boo! :frowning:

Are bookmarks really not available globally, or have I missed something? They seem fairly useless unless you can access a list of all bookmarks from a menu, regardless of where you happen to be in the project.

Please correct me if I’ve overlooked something. If I have not, can someone please suggest a way to access these little chunks as they come to mind without having to remember the exact file they’re in or the exact wording.


I think there’s something buggy about bookmarks, and they may go away in the next major release (don’t quote me on that; I’m working from my very flawed memory). I do know, however, that Favorites work, and will be incorporated into the next release (and will translate into the feature called “bookmarks” on iOS, which is different from what Scrivener for Mac calls “bookmarks” currently).

Using Documents->Favorites->Add to Favorites will add that document/folder to the sub-menu of View->Go to->.

Alternately, if you need to get to the individual paragraph or phrase in a longer document, then I’d suggest using comments. Highlight a word or phrase, and type CMD-* ( CMD-SHIFT-8 ), or use the menu format-Comment. There’s also a toolbar icon for comments if you want to add it. That’ll let you add a small comment to the inspector. If you want to find that text again, load the top-level folder where you have those documents stored and set the inspector to display comments and footnotes (the square word-bubble icon at the top of the Inspector); they’ll all clump together, and clicking on one will scroll you to the spot of the document where that comment is anchored to.


The Comments solution doesn’t seem to work the way you describe it. Meaning that if I select a folder, nothing appears under Comments & Notes. The relevant comment(s) appear only if the containing document itself is selected in the Binder. Haven’t tried the Favorites approach, since I want to go directly to a particular passage in a particular file.

Don’t get me wrong, in general, I’m a big fan of Scrivener. However, having done a bit of recent programming (iOS, not OS X) such a feature would appear to me to be fairly easy to implement. Sure hope they give it some thought. We should be able to navigate quickly to something like that without breaking our flow.

Thanks again!

That’s… odd. When you select the containing folder in the binder, make sure your editor is in “scrivenings mode”, which stitches together the text of all documents into one long continuous scroll (with some divider lines and/or titles). The comments should then all stack together in the inspector.

This doesn’t work on Windows (limitations in the old version of the programmer’s toolkit that v 1.x is using), but it should work fine on the Mac.

However, the “Favorites” solution would work great if you just split your document, so that the paragraph(s) containing the passage you want to draw attention do is its own file. Apply a highlight color to draw the eye to a single sentence or phrase within the passage might be helpful occasionally. Just nest the split-out documents below the first part, and you should be able to view the entire text as a single Scrivening when just browsing.

Not sure if there are any other plans for a feature that marks a sub-section of a document so that you can jump straight to it (really, inspector comments should work for that purpose though), but it can’t hurt to ask for such a feature in the Wishlist area.

There aren’t any known bugs with the text bookmark feature, but it is being removed since it is little used, a bit confusing for being scoped to a single editor, kind of a “hack” of another feature (inline annotations) and ultimately just a bit awkward for what it is: a ToC for a document—in a program that encourages you to build your ToC in the binder.

Instead of viewing the folder as a corkboard or outliner, switch to Scrivenings mode. Now you’ve got all of the comments for that section of the book in the sidebar. While on that concept, try Scrivenings mode with text bookmarks.

Some day it would be nice to be able to right-click on a linked comment and copy a URL to it that could be place anywhere a URL can go (we already have the schema for linking to an item from anywhere, so an anchor approach could be tacked onto that). It’s on the list of things to look into, but it won’t be in the next upcoming upgrade.

Just tried this (text bookmarks) and it works! I’d never used Scrivenings mode before.

Many thanks!