Both sides of the Index Cards

Would LOVE it if you could type on Both sides of the index card.

The first would be the SUMMARY (as usual).
The other side would be the DOCUMENT NOTE

Great for screenwriters, too!

Any takers?


There already is a document notes feature, and unlike the “back of a card” you can display both the synopsis and notes simultaneously. Click on the card, then the blue ‘i’ button in the toolbar (Opt-Cmd-I). The “Notes” tab is the first on the left. This is a rich text editor, like the main editor.

Incidentally, there actually is a “back of a card” feature already. Each card can hold both a text synopsis and an image. You can alternate which one you see in the Inspector as well, using the button indicated below, or pressing Cmd-7.

[size=80]Toggle between synopsis text and image.[/size]