Both Synopsis and Footnotes Open

I want to check whether I am doing this right. I want to work on synopses and footnotes at the same so I have binder open, outline with synopsis on left pane, document editor on the right pane, and footnotes on the left. Four panes total.

The problem I have is that when I scroll documents on Outliner, Comments and Footnotes do not load, although docs do. The message is: No Text Loaded. I have to move focus to the Document Editor to see it. Now, when I do the same on the binder it all works fine. Why is it not possible to work like this with the Outliner?

The comments & footnotes pane is kind of special, in comparison with the other panes, because it is a feature of the text editor itself. It may be technically possible to cause the appropriate notation file to be loaded when you click on a card, so that this pane can be populated. However the main problem is what should happen when you click on a comment or footnote? Ordinarily this would scroll you to the text in the current editor, which is showing an outline, not an editor. You’d probably expect it to scroll the text in the other editor, that is currently showing the actual document. However we can’t predict that anyone will ever want clicks to go to a split other than the editor that inspector pane is linked to. So that’s the main reason for the limitation as I see it. It would present a confusing scenario with certain configurations, much like your own.

Something that might help you, if you are not shy of keyboard shortcuts, is the knowledge that nearly every zone in the interface can be navigated to with the keyboard. You can switch directly to the other editor and then back to the outliner without using the mouse, as well as switch Inspector panes or jump to the Binder. You’ll find all of the relevant commands in the [b]View/Move Focus To/[/b] sub-menu, as well as the [b]View/Inspect/[/b] sub-menu.

You can get this setup working automatically, though, if you lock the inspector to the editor that is showing the document. Click into the right editor, so that your comments and footnotes are showing in the inspector, then click the little lock icon in the right of the inspector footer. Now the inspector will continue showing the information for whatever document is loaded in the right editor, so when you click in the outliner on the left, it will load in document view on the right and the comments and footnotes will display.

WoW, that did it. Lovely feature, thanks MM.