Botheration with Edit Scrivenings

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I’m not sure if this is the right place to put this, and indeed, whether I’m being daft and missing something obvious. Here’s the problem.

I highlight a group of files in Draft and click “Edit Scrivenings”. What I’d like to do is make mass format changes to all these files (consecutive chapters in a book) like font, line spacing, paragraph format in preparation for export and publication.

I thought “Edit Scrivenings” would be the place to do this, but apparently it isn’t, because it won’t let me make any changes whatsoever to this group of files. I had hoped that I’d be able to click Select All, make changes, and all files would be affected. This doesn’t seem to be the case.

Can anybody help here? How do I make these changes to large numbers of files without doing each one individually?

Note: You might ask why I don’t have these changes in place to start with - for writing and editing purposes I use double spacing. I have to change back to single space for publication, however. Currently this is driving me insane as I’m having to make the changes in Word and that is like performing advanced orthodontic surgery on a cat with aggressive tendencies. Not fun.




There are a few points here:

First, you are correct that there is currently no way of changing the formatting for everything in an Edit Scrivenings session. This is because if you could make edits across ranges such as deletions, it would be very difficult for Scrivener to figure out what belongs where - where one text ends and another begins after deletions or edits across ranges. Because of this, it blocks all edits across ranges, but unfortunately that blocks formatting across ranges, too. I’ve improved this for version 2.0, out in a couple of weeks. Even though 2.0 still disallows textual edits across ranges, it does allow formatting changes - so in 2.0, you could do exactly what you are trying to do, select everything in Edit Scrivenings (or simply “Scrivenings” as it is known in 2.0) and change the font, paragraph spacing and suchlike. A lot of work has gone into improving Scrivenings mode in general, in fact.

However, you can still make batch changes across texts in 1.x, by selecting the documents you want to affect in the binder and using Documents > Convert and then selecting default or export style. The default style will convert all documents to use your preferences formatting, so you would need to change the preferences first.


Does your text use a lot of different formatting throughout? I ask because one of the key features of Scrivener is that you can completely change the text formatting upon export. In the “Formatting” tab of Compile Draft, you can check “Override text formatting…” and then set the exact formatting - font, line spacing and so on - you want your exported text to use. This will only cause problems if you use different formatting in the text, as this affects all of the text - but again, this is something much improved in 2.0.

Hope that helps.

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While of no help in solving your problem, let me assure you that as long as vic-k and I are around no one will comment on any issues of daftness on your part. We strive to set the standard at a level of acceptance that avoids discomfort to others. Consider it our kickback to society.

That or we are really are the daftest folks around.

Self awareness, isn`t always an asset, Mr Jaysen. :frowning:

No. No, it isn’t. But there is an upside. No one is surprised by daft actions anymore. Quite liberating.

No, I don’t use a lot of different formatting. I didn’t realise I’d be able to change everything on export after Compile Draft.

Hopefully this will end the maddening hours spent trying to get Word to cope with big files (I write books around the 140k mark).