Bought Scrivener 6/7 Months ago, just grasping it now.

I bought Scrivener last year sometime, then never got round to using it, about a month ago I found some time to have a look at what its all about, WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME???

Its feature packed, I love it. I’m using it for my 2 Jewellery and Silversmithing Classes, one to document the Students progress, 2 to show the powers that be the evidence of progress & 3 show the student the progress they have made in an easy, flowing manner, not flipping between apps or gadgets, as I am a geek freak.

I find everything just so accessible The fact you can make the app your own by changing anything, to fidget and modify just appeals to me big-time, I’ve gone for the dark and large look, large white/grey text on dark/black backgrounds, I’ve just gotten to grips with the Binder and Collections, sussed out how to colour Collections.

I’m having trouble with a couple of features that would be paramount for me to utilise, adding pictures to the cork-board, I read somewhere that you have to be in final revision to add pictures, think it was Keith that told me, but for the life of me, One, I cant find what revision I’m in & two, how I would change revision, any help would be greatly appreciated.

How do I change the background colour in Notes, so that I can have White text on a Black background?

How do I find the selection of Shortcuts for quicker keyboard use?

Can I have more colours for Icons, i.e. Blue Book, Brown Book, Red Book, thats the way I am using for document updates progress, I would love more defining colours.

Thanks for this wonderful app, cant wait for it on my iPad and iPhone, I’ve asked to be requested into the beta.

Back to ILP’s

(Individual Learning Plans, Its a love hate relationship!!!)


That is a very interesting use of Scrivener. I wish I had done that back in my one year of teaching. :wink:

As far as shortcuts, here is a link with all of the keyboard shortcuts:


Thanks for that, its appreciated.


Thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear it’s been helping you out with organising all of this information. I use Scrivener heavily for information management these days, and the project window’s flexibility is a big part of why that works for me.

I’m not sure what that statement was in reference to originally (there is scarcely even a concept of “revisions” in Scrivener to begin with, which is probably why you didn’t find much!), but there is no stipulation at all with regards to when or how you can use an image to represent an item on the corkboard, instead of an index card. Just click on the item you wish to add a picture to and press Cmd-7, or if you prefer the mouse, click the blue ‘i’ button in the toolbar to open the Inspector and use the button indicated below to switch to showing the image:

There are three colour settings you might want to take a look at. All of them are in the “Editor” section of the “Customizable Colors” section of the Appearance preference pane:

  • Project Notes Background
  • Notes Background
  • Notes Text

Notes are rich text fields, just like the main text editor, so choosing a text colour here means it’s formatted that way—the text will be white if you ever choose to print the notes out, is what I’m getting at. It also means that notes you’ve already created will not immediately switch to whatever colour you chose for “Notes Text”.

You can use whatever icons you want, in fact. Use the Documents/Change Icon/Manage Icons… menu command. You can import your own icons here, either specifically into the project, or to your Mac where they can be used by all projects. For best results, if you have a Retina monitor, use 32px icons, otherwise use 16px icons. You can use larger ones, but the software will downsize it and that results in ugly blurry icons.

You might want to head on over and actually sign up then. :slight_smile:

Thanks Amber,

Your help is really appreciated, I will let you know how I get on.

Signed up for beta, thought I had done previously in the Blog Post “Beta Testing is Go” in The Cellar Door, obviously I hadn’t.

No worries