Boxes and screenplay format

Hey, I have a question about screenplay format, please see the attachment.

The item you have named “Screenplay” is a container. When you tap on it, Scriv is showing you an array of index cards representing everything in the container.* It sounds like you were expecting to be able to tap on the Screenplay container and see your whols screenplay (all the docs combined). That is what Scrivenings Mode does. But Scrivenings Mode is not available on iOS Scriv, but only on the full desktop version of Scrivener.

So, what you can do in ios scriv is tap on the individual docs to see their contents.

Also, ios scriv has a composite preview function that lets you see everything in a folder together in a popup sheet (but unlike with Scrivenings Mode, that preview is not live editable).


  • Your index cards are showing five across, which makes them very small. The index cards on my ipad show 3 across and at that bigger size it is more obvious that they are formatted as index cards.