Boxset Template?

I now have 3 books out in my series, and would like to see ‘how’ to combine all three into one Scrivener book so that I can compile it for Amazon.

Except I am so concerned as each has tons of italics (for my ships names in my SciFi books) and I’d like to learn how to combine them all without all the editing to re-do hundreds and hundreds of names…

Is there a template that someone could point me to? or a tutorial? or even a how-to combine 3 books into one?


I can’t be the only one who might need this kind of help…

Anyone have an idea on the boxset template or tutorial etc etc please?

If you have everything in separate projects, try creating a new, blank one. In the Manuscript/Draft folder, create 3 folders, one for each book. Name them using the book titles.

Open the project for book 1, select all the contents of that Manuscript folder, and drag them into the book 1 sub-folder in your Box Set project.

Repeat for books 2 and 3, then close the old projects. There should be zero chance of your italics going away using this method. Check each time you import a set of files before doing any further work; importing doesn’t do anything to the original, so you will have that to re-import if you need to.

If you didn’t have your books sub-divided into parts, then select the “Novel with Parts” compile preset. Go to the Formatting section of the expanded compile window, and edit the “Level 1” folder line, click on the section layout button, and delete everyting in the prefix area (the part that says “PART <$t>” plus the paragraph symbol). Click OK, and then select the word “Title” in the example area below and style it the way you want it (font, font size, etc…).

That should get you a good deal of the way to your goal. Hope that helps!