Braided Stories / Essays

I think it would be amazing to have a feature that allows for an easy way to work with braided stories. I envision something along the lines of being able to label certain folders or pages (as you can now, labeling them ‘chapter’ or ‘scene’) and then being able to go back and forth between viewing all of them or viewing the ones that are the same. For example if you were writing a story from multiple perspectives, you could then label each chapter with the character names and go between seeing how it all fits together and how each character’s story progresses.

You can already do this. Assign a keyword POV and/or characters to each document, then search for that keyword (top right hand corner search box with ‘Keyword’ selected, and save the search into a collection for each POV / character. You’ll then be able to switch between each POV / character thread.

Not on my Scrivener machine at the moment, so can’t give detailed instructions, but it’s actually easy and intuitive to do once you know it’s available.

You could also just use labels for this; I have a project set up that way, as I have no use for the the “Chapter” and “Scene” labels and I like color-coding the binder by the POV character, as I have a good handful of them. If you go to Project > Meta-Data Settings… you can rename “Label” to something more pertinent like “POV” and then just create the labels you want. You can then assign labels in bulk by selecting multiple documents in the binder, right-clicking, and choosing the appropriate label from the context menu. Then you’d do the search just as described above, only searching by label rather than keyword.

Keywords can also be assigned in bulk and that’s a perfectly valid way of doing this; just letting you know another option.