Brain freeze re. Scrivener & Drop Box

Hi all

I’m annoyed with myself for not being able to figure this out, but I’m finally admitting defeat! I’ve searched the discussions on Dropbox but can’t find info that is sufficiently idiot proof :unamused:

I got a Dropbox account, primarily so that I could keep Scrivener in sync on my desktop and a laptop. I don’t want to shift everything into a new folder (Dropbox) so, on my desktop, I created a symlink to the .scriv project. This worked, in so far as the project was updated to the web interface and then synched to the laptop. So far so good.

However, when I access the synced folder on the laptop, it contains the package contents of the .scriv file, but not the .scriv file itself. I have got myself into a right old muddle!

My desktop and laptop use the same folder structure. Do I have to create symlinks on both? I fear I’ve missed something crucial but I’ve never used symlinks before. Can someone take pity on me and explain the basic setup for this?

Thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve only just started playing around with symlinks in Dropbox myself, mainly to try and keep my AddressBook and iCal in sync. However I can tell you that putting the actual Scrivener file (as opposed to a symlink) into the Dropbox has worked well for me.

Dropbox works brilliantly but I have found no use for it whatsoever.

I’m guessing you don’t work on two different computers? :wink:

Your postulation is correct, sir.

Pustulation is quite painful, isnt it? :open_mouth: You can could try Hot Kaolin Poultice, theyre very affective at drawing the pus from the pustules.
Take care

That’ll be why, then. Dropbox’s primary function is to sync files between two computers :slight_smile:

Of course, it does also work as a seamless off-site backup as well, which you may or may not find useful. I’ve been doing internet backups of my critical files for years, and Dropbox is by far the best and easiest solution for it.

I have iDisk (using .mac) for such things, but I still prefer using an ‘old-fashioned’ external drive for backups. I can’t quite trust in the ‘cloud’ yet; I like to know that I can carry my files around with me. I think maybe I’ve reached my limit in trusting technology. Illogical I know…


I do both :slight_smile:

(scroll down)

I am now using both … I’m not yet totally paranoid about back-ups but:

I have a 320 GB external which is partitioned for a nightly bootable back-up of the MBP using Synchronize! Pro X … peace of mind! And yes, I did have a problem with my previous TiBook HD being scrambled and recovery was very straightforward using the then current bootable back-up with SynchPro X.

I use iDisk to sync my Address-book, keychains, Yojimbo and one or two other things. I keep meaning to think what else I should use the space for.

I have DropBox, which I’ve started using for working files, as I have also taken the plunge and invested in a MacBook Air so my aged bones are not always being put under strain by carrying a vast backpack with the 17" MBP in it. So DropBox will be all current Scrivener projects, student records, Keynote presentations … stuff I need easy access to on the MBA when I’m out and about. And as Antony says, DropBox is great and seamless.

I have one other recommendation in this line … a mobile phone you can sync with Address Book! For the last 5 years, I’ve used Sony Ericssons for that reason as they work brilliantly with iSync via Bluetooth.
(i) I no longer have a problem of differing lists of phone numbers in different places and not knowing which is the current one. All new phone numbers get entered into the Address Book a.s.a.p. and that, the iDisk address book and the phone are immediately synced (So is the MBA now).
(ii) I lost my mobile phone the other day … promptly bought a new one, went home … 10 minutes later new mobile phone had all 426 numbers in place. I shudder to think about the excruciation of entering 426 people’s names and phone numbers manually!



Oh, I forgot: I also use Mozy for an automated internet backup of my address book, calendar, bookmarks and keychain. You can’t be too careful :wink:

This is why the iphone was invented! :smiley:

Then it was invented at least 4 years behind the times!
I don’t think I would want an iPhone here, even though the G3 model is coming and the chap I buy all my kit through has one that somehow he got from the States. Two students of mine bought iPod Touches … I took them to my dealer and got my MBA at the same time so we could argue for a good deal each. When I went back yesterday to exchange the external DVD drive which was faulty, they said “Oh, your student came back today!” … it seems she had accessed some Chinese web-site and it had apparently fried something in the operating system on the iPod Touch!

Mind you, I don’t think I’ll get an iPhone at all unless I’m given one. For me, I want a phone and that’s all. I’ve never even used the camera in any of my Sony Ericssons … with my shaky hands they never manage to focus!