"BRAINMAP" Software compatible with Scrivener

I’m Scrivener PC user, but I will buy a MAC in the next few weeks.
Is anybody knows about a “Brain Map” software would be compatible with Scrivener (on MAC) ? I only know MINDNODE Pro.
Thanks !

If I remember right, MindNode Pro has the ability to export OPML, which is what you need to get a structured diagram into Scrivener. It will import as an outline, not a “map”, but that is to be expected. Anything that can import/export OPML will generally work pretty well with Scrivener—and that is a good number of outliners and mapping tools

MindNode Pro is great and works well with Scrivener (as noted above).

Another interesting alternative is Tree. It’s an outliner, but it’s a horizontal outliner and allows you to embed notes with specific nodes in an outline. So, with Tree (via OPML export), nodes get imported as structured pages and notes get imported as actual text for a page.

I use both MindNode Pro and Tree outliner and love them both. In the end, though, if something exports to OPML then Scrivener can import.

Thanks AmberV and mitchellm.
Yes, I saw a video with OPML export as and outline and it looks really good !

There are literally dozens of mind mapping software for the Mac, with an enormous array of features and associated prices.

At the high end, I like NovaMInd, at the midrange level I was impressed by My Thoughts and then there is the basic MindNode (which I don’t like much).

On iOS, there is the excellent iThoughts. I found it was the most flexible in terms of importing and exporting files. Using mind mapping software on a touch screen changes it completely and makes it so much easier (although an iPhone screen is too small to take advantage - one day I’ll get an iPad).

All the above import and export OPML files so all will work with Scrivener.

Thanks a lot nom, I will take a look when my Mac will be there!

I also like FreeMind, which is cross-platform (Java).

Yes, if u work on Ipad too, or if u decide to work with ipad, take MyThought, it’s compatible with Ithought on iPad, and trust me, it’s realy hard to find the good workflow if u dont want to use the Cloud.

If what you want is a finished graphic to refer to — the outline image itself — and not a file to make changes to, take a screen shot [SHFT-COM-4] and copy into any Scrivener document.


Or in the case of FreeMind, simply drag the desired project file (*.mm) into the Scriv Research folder.

One click of that file and, c’set voila! FreeMind opens your map within seconds.

Not perfect; probably not elegant, but certainly workable.


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