Brainstorm - Corkboard

Hi all,
Perhaps there’s a quick answer to this, or none at all–I thought it worth the question…

I have a folder in Binder called “Brainstormed Scenes”, and it’s here I keep a conglomeration of very short scene ideas, to be organized, expanded upon or discarded at a later date. What I’d like to know is this–while my focus is on the enclosing folder, and I am in corkboard view, is it possible to create a new card and remain in corkboard view?

As it stands now, when I hit return or cmd/N to create a new “card”, which of course really creates a new underlying document, I am thrown out of corkboard view, and my focus is transferred to the “untitled” new document in binder. This is not where I want to be!! I want to remain in corkboard, type a few words, then create an additional card, and on and on, until the creative juices are exhausted.

Is something like this even possible? My ultimate goal is to create scenes rapid-fire, then drag them to the appropriate chapter folders later for further fleshing out. What I’m really interested in for this exercise is the ability to work quickly, with no opportunity to censor myself–I want as little interference between my brain and the software as possible. I realize I might be forced to use some other software for this, but I’d like to stick with Scrivener if I can…I seem to have developed a near-pathological attachment to the program. Now, if I could just find a way to make it prepare my tax returns…tick, tick, tick…

Thanks in advance for any and all help. Take care, CG

You’ve stated that the corkboard has focus, but are you certain of that? Make sure the Binder selection bar looks a little “dim” or click on one of the index cards so that it has a bright selection halo around it, then press Cmd-N. Making a new document works from wherever your context currently is. If you are focussed in the corkboard, then a new card should be created and you can enter its details right there and go on to make others. But if you make a new document in the Binder, it jumps to that new document immediately.

As usual, Amber, you’re right on top of things, and correct as always. I changed views, but did not activate corkboard; once I’d clicked into it, it worked just as you suggested–Cmd/N produced a new card, and I was off to the races. Thank you so much!!