I thought instead of coming up with a practically useful idea here, I’d come up with a vague concept I can’t articulate within my own head, and try to write it down:

Is it possible, or even desireable, to be able to mark a point in your work, and branch it, so you’re writing into a branch instead of the main part - let’s call it the trunk for the sake of the analogy - for those situations where you have an idea and just want to follow it to it’s conclusion without overwriting that trunk, so removal is easier if it doesn’t work.

Sorry, it seemed more useful in my head. Out on the page it comes across more as a Jackson/Livingston RPG book like Warlock of Firetop Mountain.


p.s. my mind is a bit warped right now from watching The Black Adder for two hours today.

There’s nothing wrong with watching Black Adder for two hours a day, Baldrick!

Couldn’t you just create a new document as a subdocument of the original and continue your ideas there? By checking or unchecking “Include in Compile” you could choose whether it remained part of the whole work or not.

All the best,

Or use snapshots, if the divergence in question is all within the realm of a document?

They can even be titled. Turnipped, you might say.

The hierarchy of documents/folders in the Binder is a simple tree structure. It is the very same structure which would be represented as branching in a mind map application.

I typically use the Binder hierarchy for grouping and structuring, but now that I think about it, it could indeed just as easily be used for branching narrative paths. (This must make Scrivener the perfect application for writing choose-your-own-adventure stories.)