Bravo Madiba! … e-timeline
Bravo Madiba, Bravo.
Bon Voyage Bro :wink:

Yes, indeed, a great man. Many years ago in Johannesburg, I was lucky enough to meet one of the lawyers who defended him (and probably helped save him and his co-defendants from being hanged), and the daughter of another (who died in prison). What they told me, and what I observed in South Africa, helped spur me later to become a journalist.

I feel no sense of loss, at his passing, since he hasn’t actually gone anywhere, except to be ellevated as a beacon for the rest of us… the benchmark for which we aim, if we are to realise our potential as human beings. If nothing else, he did that, and in that realising, he enabled others to do the same, no matter the direction whence they came.
I was about to say, that for me, he was my favourite human being, but what I meant, was ‘He is…’