"Breadcrumbs" in scrivenings mode

When I switch to scrivenings mode and see all the documents in one large composite document broken down by horizontal lines, I am unable to see in which document “I am.” In other words, i can scroll 20 pages down and click in the body of a text and I can’t say in which chapter I am right then and there. It would be a good idea to include some hint in the status bar, such as Current Document: Chapter 12, or something like that. I know there is the “Reveal in Binder” link at the top, but it would be useful to see an updating status that shows “where you are” in your document as you scroll down.



We agree. There is a technical difficulty with putting the current file title into the header bar, which is why this information is not more freely given. Right now the best solution is to leave the Inspector open, which will always track where you are on a file by file basis (the index card lets you know the title). Additionally we would also like to get the header bar “Go To” menu to place a checkmark beside the currently edited document. This is not done for the same reason the title is not displayed as text. Both lack access to that piece of information under the current implementation. One other thing we have planned that will make the Scrivenings session more informative, will be the inclusion of titles in the text editor itself, using a different font. This will be editable as well.