Breaking a novel into sections

I need to create a novel manuscript that is broken into sections, each one containing several chapters. Each section will start with a single page having two lines of text rather than a section title. The chapters each start as usual with Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. (the name of the folder), and will contain one or more scenes as usual. How do I create this three-tiered structure: Manuscript > Section > Chapter (containing scenes)?

To me it sounds as if you are looking for the Project Template “Novel (with Parts)”:
File > New Project… > Fiction > Novel (with Parts)

There would be many ways to do this and no particular way that you have to do it.

But to keep it simple, why not start by using the Novel (with Parts) template – where what it calls parts, you are calling a section. Each Part item in the binder can be supplied with the two-lines of text as its content (not just docs, but also container docs and folders can have their own textual content in Scriv). When you Compile you will just specify that you want the textual contents of your Parts items, not their titles, to be included in the compiled output. Just as you would specify that you want the titles of your Chapter folders and not their text content, and would specify for your scene docs you want their contents and not titles to be included.

To show the range of your alternatives, here is a different (and no doubt messier) approach that does not tie your compiled output so much to your binder structure: Structure with folders just as you please (none will add to the compiled output), and put all your content into regular documents. In which case, you would just want to have Section documents with two lines of text each placed at the proper place in the sequence of things, and Chapter docs with their chapter names as text content and placing them wherever they belong.* These Section and Chapter docs can be tinted (by Labeling them) to make them stand out visually from body text docs.


Thanks to you both - you’ve pointed me in the right direction.