breaking up word between lines

This kind of nitpicky, but I’m typing a quote that includes the word “[r]eliability” (R in brackets because its changed from the original) and Scrivener keeps trying to break the word across two lines at the end bracket, like so…
…blah blah blah [r]
eliability blah blah…

If I change the width of the viewing area to accommodate the whole word it will, but its just kind of weird that that happens. I guess I need kind of the equivalent of a non-breaking hyphen (a non-breaking end bracket?) but it doesn’t look to me like that exists. Is there anything else I can do to mitigate this bothersome behavior?

The break-point decision is handled by the text system; you can see the same thing in TextEdit, for example. To force the word to stay together, insert the cursor between the closing bracket and the following letter and then use Edit>Insert>Word Joiner. It’s like a 0-width non-breaking space. :slight_smile:

Glorious, that was exactly what I needed! Thank you!