Breaking words

Hi to all,

Got a problem here, a doubt.

Writing something lie a novel and need to part/break/separate words when jumping to a line to another and can´t find the way to do it.

Sometimes my words are very large -tehcnical language- and the layout suffers because the lines don´t reach the right side of the page and jumps down to the following. Yeah, I align the full line in both sides, left and right, but the look of it is… welll, I don´t like it and prefer to break the words.

Thanks for help.

I think what you’re asking for is hyphenation. If you want hyphenation while you work, just turn it on “Use hyphenation” in the “Editor” pane of the Preferences. To incorporate hyphenation into the final compiled document, tick “Use hyphenation” in the “Layout” pane of the Compile panel.


Hey Jeff… it works!!! Master


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