Breaks Between Paragraphs!

Okay, this is driving me nuts!

I hate breaks between paragraphs! I don’t want them. Yet they seem to be happening by default! I’ve looked everywhere I can think of to shut this off, to stop there being extra space between one line and the next every time I hit “return” and start an new paragraph.

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to make it stop? More to the point, can someone tell me why this feature is a default? I would think the default would be “No break” with breaks being something the writer decided on and asked for.


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In Scrivener>Preferences:Formatting, set the Main Text Style sample to whatever you want. To fix the paragraph spacing specifically, choose “Spacing” from the drop-down menu second from the left and then adjust Paragraph Spacing to be 0.

That will set the default for all new documents in all projects. To change existing documents, select them in the Binder and then choose Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style.

You can also override your default text settings per-project by selecting the checkbox in Project>Text Preferences… Like the above, this will affect new documents (in this project only) and to switch old ones you’ll need to select them and run the Convert Formatting command.

Thank you for your reply. Here was the problem–

When I created the “new document” preferences (spacing between lines, margins and font), I had spacing at “0” (before or after paragraph). Yet when I created this new document and started writing, it was, for some reason, giving me breaks between paragraphs. When I selected the text of that document and checked on spacing, I found that it was set for “.8” (or something like that) in one of the choices (before/after) paragraphs.

I don’t know why or how it got set to something when I didn’t set it. I put it back at “0” and the spaces between paragraphs vanished (whew!), but have we any idea how and why I got this mysterious spacing? When I go back to preferences and look at spacing, the before/after choices read “0” :question:

Is the project set to override the global formatting? Check Project>Text Preferences… and see if the box there is checked. If it is, then the project is using the settings there as the defaults for new documents, and your spacing may be at .8 before/after paragraphs there. You can either deselect the box, so your project will go back to using the global defaults set in Scrivener>Preferences, or adjust the settings to what you want. (Though if the settings are otherwise exactly the same as the global default, then obviously there’s no reason to have separate project ones.)

That’s my only idea, unless at some point in the past you had pasted formatted text into the document and deleted it, so it looked like a blank document, but it had lingering formatting from previous text. If this was a completely newly created document that you just started typing in, of course that wouldn’t make sense.