Brilliant software

Just wanted to say, well done. I’ve been trying out Jer’s Novel Writer, CopyWrite, and a few others. And while I like many of Jer’s features (and found CW to be ok), so far Scrivener is proving much more intutitive and in tune with the way I write. Importing files, webpages, etc., works great and I had no trouble importing work from Jer’s or Word. And the exporting is pretty flawless in rtf. I am excited about giving the software a full workout on my new book, and already have used it to make some changes an editor wanted in a short story. Again, brilliant. Look forward to the update being available next month (fingers crossed).

Count me in with this comment as well. I spent the last two days culling everything from Ulysses, Copywrite, JER, Word, MacJournal, Notetaker, DevonThink (which I will never get rid of because of other databases) and various places around my hard drives for this project. I want everything in one spot.

I still haven’t figured out if I will be able to export anything new I put into Research from this point onward, but I’m not worried about it. This is just a sane way of working. Once I have all the digital files moved over, then comes the luxury of typing up all my index cards for this project. I am actually looking forward to it.

Select the portion of research area you wish to export, and choose Export Files… from the File menu (Cmd-Shift-E). Everything including and below the items selected will be exported, including media files. Folder structures will be created to mimic the outline structure in the Binder. If meta-data and notes export are enabled, these will be included as “sidecar” files.



After a friend of mine told me about Scrivener I downloaded it, played around, went through the tutorial and knew, that this was the software I had been looking for since I started screenwriting 9 years ago. I bought it the same day and designed a screenplay template for my approach of writing. Thank you so much for this from Germany!

Thank you. :slight_smile: Now I just need to try to get my head out of the door…

The update came just in time for my first novel. But with the improved screenwriting features Scrivener is the one and only application I need for the rest of my days. Thank you!