Bringing revisions back into Scrivener after compile.


Is there an easy way to bring a revised FDX file back into Scrivener after it has been compiled and some changes have been made?

I took the first piece of a project out and now want import my changes to maintain the integrity of the file.

Copying and pasting does not preserve the formatting (everything ends up caps and changing it line by line is a hassle). The import/split function seems like it will leave me with duplicates of everything to sift through, though of the two choices I have found this definitely seems preferable.

But I wonder if there is a simpler way that someone can point out.

Thanks in advance.

This is going to be a primary issue with any workflow that turns the binder outline into a single document. Getting it back into an outline with all of the pieces going back where they should is in theory too difficult to really pull off, given that content edits to the exported document can confuse where things should return to. The folder sync system was in part designed to overcome this. Instead of exporting one single document and revising that, you would export one document for each binder item’s text, and make your revisions there. These files are named in such a way that Scrivener can figure out where everything is supposed to go and update the binder automatically when you run sync again. Since FDX is one of the supported formats for folder sync, this should work pretty well. Overall though, Scrivener isn’t really designed to go too deeply into the phase of the job where completed documents are being passed around. There are just too many conceptual differences between a big outline and a single file, given the current technology, and so we often advise that when that point comes, it is time to move out of Scrivener and stick in the final format.

For this run, I agree with you that using import & split is by far your best option as it will get the content back into Scrivener safely. You’ll just have to cut and paste the imported outline back into the original.