British English

Is it possible to download a proper British English dictionary for Scrivener?

Examples of words that are flagged as spelling mistakes even though I have English(UK) set as my spelling:


There are also numerous words which are flagged as spelt incorrectly which I don’t think are peculiarly British, i.e. “vortices”.

Ah, yes. When yesterday I finally managed to import the text of my WIP into Scrivener (I’ve moaned about that particular process on the tech support forum), several words in the very first paragraph were underlined in red:


‘Organised’ took me a minute!

It’s very distracting and I haven’t yet found the option to remove the underlining. When it comes to the revising and editing stages, I will want a British English dictionary to flag up my typos and mistakes.

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Whenever this has come up on my screen, I’ve double checked the spelling and then clicked on the learn spelling option. But it would save a lot of time if it were fixed properly.

Scrivener noob here. I too would like to know if British spelling is available to download somewhere. Or at the very least if someone could point me to where Scrivener saves the words manually committed to it, as I spent a long time adding them to the my copy installed on my desktop PC, and now have to re-add them on my laptop copy. It’s a pain not having the same custom dictionary available between the two copies.

On that note, a suggestion: For users with multiple copies the option to login to a profile of saved preferences would be really useful. :slight_smile:

Ahaha… this one just bit me too.

Not living in the UK for a couple of decades, I had to really sit and think about it. (In Japan, when they can speel, they usually use American spellings.)

Of course, we are going to be in trouble with words like cafe which should have an accent on (Word gets this right.)