Brits: anyone buy THE TIMES?

Apparently I’m mentioned in today’s TIMES (Saturday 14th) on p38, something to do with POINT BLANC. Unfortunately I wasn’t told until 5.30pm, and now I can’t get a copy anywhere around here (price of living in the middle of nowhere…).

Anybody here buy a copy? If so, any chance you could scan the piece and email it to me? It might just be a passing mention for all I know, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time my name’s ever appeared in a national paper, so I’d like to see it :slight_smile:

Now sorted, stand down :slight_smile:

Forgot I have a friend who works for a press clippings agency. Duh.

Nice prominent side-bar listing. Well done, Antony.
When I heard coverage of the story on the radio earlier, the thought struck me that your work could well be referenced.


Yeah, would have been nice to be in the body of the article rather than a sidebar, but hey. I’ll take what I can get :slight_smile:

Nice Work! Antony. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

But care to display the clipping (jpg) so we can read it as well?

It’s really not worth the effort :wink:

It’s a piece about using graphic novels to encourage reluctant young boys to read, and there are a few recommended titles listed in a sidebar. POINT BLANC, my GN adaptation of Anthony Horowitz’ YA novel, is one of them. There’s really nothing to see, not even a picture of the cover :wink:

Antony, I always got confused with “graphic novel” and comic book book, etc.

Like when I was younger I loved the old Conan. I would refer to them as “adult comics” since they of course contained nudity and violence/blood. But other people told me they were graphic novels…

I always get them mixed up. To me a comic book is more like for all ages and a graphic novel can have more pages or an adult theme?

How do you determine the difference?

BTW. Checked out your site. Nice stuff!

The term “graphic novel” has a long and complex history, with all manner of people trying to co-opt its meaning, and the accepted meaning changing over the years. But it’s finally settled down, so now (and for the foreseeable future) simply means any comic story that is bound in book form, i.e. has a spine.

“Mature readers” is the comic industry’s term for comics that aren’t suitable for children, and that’s a powderkeg in and of itself. But basically, if it has staples it’s a comic book; if it has a spine, it’s a graphic novel.

Ahhh! Makes sense. Thanks!