Broke my laptop with Scrapple installed. What should I do?

I bought Scrapple a few days ago and had it installed and activated on my laptop. However, I accidentally broke it but managed to pull out the the hard drive where I installed Scrapple along with the SSD containing Windows. I could just install Scrapple again on my other laptop and reactivate the licence but that would mean permanently losing one of my activations since it would just be treated as two computers sharing the licence as I couldn’t deactivate Scrapple from my broken laptop.

I’m planning on getting a SATA adapter to access my old files but I don’t know if Scrapple would treat it as the same computer. In my old laptop, Scrapple was installed in an HDD separated from my SSD where Windows and the Appdata is located so I don’t know if the files in the Appdata would be needed for Scrapple to recognise the current laptop I’m using as the old laptop. I could just connect both SSD and HDD but again, I don’t know if Scrapple will identify my current laptop as the old laptop.

The thing I’m most concerned about is the licence activation, so is there anyway for the L&L to restart my licence?

The license info you were emailed at purchase will work on multiple PCs. so you should be fine.

Once your new PC is set up, download Scapple again and install it on the new PC, and reapply the same license info.

Wouldn’t there be a limit to this down the line? I didn’t deactivate Scapple.

I don’t remember the licensing terms, but they are very fair. They cover at least 2 PCs.

And you can always contact L&L support directly and request they deactivate your bad PC.

Yeah, to confirm what the others have said, you don’t have to worry about it if you are unable to deactivate for events beyond your control. There is a limit, but it’s not one you’ll run into under ordinary usage (which we define as sometimes not being able to deactivate, because life happens), and if for whatever reason over the course of years you do it hit it, just get in touch with support and we can reset it.

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