Broken Draft Folder for Project Targets count

I recently finished a book, Masters - Book 2, and am starting a new one, Masters - Book 3, all within an existing Scrivener project file. I deleted some files and moved the folder for Masters - Book 2 down the file structure and have many new text files under the new Masters - Book 3 folder. I did this without any consideration for the Project Targets functionality and wrongly assumed it would know what to count.

Now, it counts nothing, as the images below shows.


Masters - Book 2 has over 90K words, and the project counter sees the title but doesn’t count it. Masters - Book 3 has a few hundred words, but the project counter isn’t counting that either.

In researching this, Scrivener counts words within the compilable files within the Draft Folder. But I’m not entirely sure I have a Draft Folder at this point. Can it be designated?

I’ve apparently broken something, but I don’t know what. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Yeah, it’s a good idea to keep track of that original Draft folder as it is a singular feature of your Binder, meant to be where you do your primary writing, and as such many of the program’s features revolve around that folder—such as statistics tracking and compile.

From what I can see you’ve given it a custom icon (which is fine, so long as you know where it is), so I cannot tell you which of these folders in your screenshot is the Draft. However it should not be difficult for you to find it because the three basic root level folders, Trash, Draft and Research do act like other folders in Scrivener: namely, you can not open them as a text file and type into them, or view their meta-data in the Inspector. You’ll know you’re looking at a special folder when the Inspector just shows project notes and references.

Also, of course, since you have that checkbox enabled to only count included documents, make sure you aren’t typing into an excluded document. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I shall be careful in the future . . .

I’ve been looking for this answer for days. Thank you. I knew there was something unique about the draft folder, and I thought there were settings I had screwed up when it stopped displaying my draft word count, a problem not unlike the one THEWRITER described. Incidentally, this feature—really the solution to the issue— did not jump out at me anywhere on the forum, no matter how much I searched. Unfortunately, the uniqueness of the draft folder (as well as Research and Trash), did not applear to me to be prominently displayed in the manual, even after employing a veriety of search terms, including “draft folder.” (It may be my fault. I tend to overlook the obvious; which is to say, I couldn’t find butter in a butter dish. Really.)

A possible solution might be to create a Glossary as an Appendix to the manual that would serve to explain Scrivener’s unique (and sometimes confusing to lesser minds like mine) terminology.