Broken MacBook harddrive?

I know I qualify for this. If you bought a MacBook (white or black plastic) between May '06 and Dec '07, and your internal hard drive has failed, you could be eligible for a replacement drive, or reimbursement if you have already purchased a replacement.

Ha. When I sent my white MacBook in for the discolouration problem (the first time - it took them three times to fix it), they replaced the hard drive too, as it was deemed ready to fail.

Not that I can fire up my white MacBook for long - the battery is completely dead because I didn’t remove it and left it for a couple of months without booting. I complained to Apple and they replaced the battery. Then did the same thing again. Oh well.

Make them check the power board. If two consecutive batteries died, that probably means the charging control hardware is borked.


I think there was also something about MBPs and video card failure in 08 models (I think) as well. And battery problems with some models a few years back.

A tool I like to keep on my laptop is “coconutBattery”

Helps you keep track of the cycles and percentage of battery life.