Broken paragraph styling

I have a small project begun a couple weeks ago in Scrivener that is acting flaky when trying to apply a paragraph style in the main editor: when a paragraph is highlighted and I select a paragraph style, the style is applied to the entire document instead of just the paragraph.

I have tested this in other projects and it doesn’t happen, so if I have inadvertently turned something on, could someone tell me where to turn it off? Otherwise, this is a bug.

Hello @BClarke. That smells like a bug to me, although I have a hard time to imagine how that could happen on the software side. I think it would be a good idea to zip that small project and send it to L&L, so someone can run your example under a debugger.

Is this happening in all documents, or just one or a select few?

My first thought is that somehow the paragraphs in the document are not fully separate paragraphs as you would create with the Enter key, but are separated with “soft returns” or “manual line breaks” or “manual paragraph breaks” (not sure what Scriv might call these), which will drop you to a new line just like a new paragraph, but you are in fact still in the same paragraph “object” as before, visually indistinguishable from a “real” paragraph. If every apparent paragraph in the document is of that variety, it would account for what you are seeing.

Scrivener has an option to show some of the invisible formatting codes. Alt+Shift+V. That would let you see the hard and soft returns.

Seems improbable that you would have done that accidentally though.

It IS possible that if the text originated (or passed through) a text editor like Gmail or similar, it may have converted the para breaks. I’ve seen that many times, independent of Scrivener.

Is any of that possible?

Thanks, I had not thought of turning on invisibles since I typically have no use for it. And looking at the problem project shows that every paragraph is ending with a line feed instead of a pilcrow. But if I go to the end of a paragraph now and press Enter, a pilcrow is inserted and not a line feed.

I have no idea how the Enter key got interpreted as line feed. I have tested a copy/paste from Word, a text editor (UltraEdit), and Affinity Publisher to see if I had copied from them and just forgotten, but pasting paragraphs from them shows pilcrows at the end of each paragraph, not line feeds.

I did a search-and-replace for two consecutive line feeds, replacing with a pilcrow, but the pilcrow it inserted looked like a pilcrow but did not act like one. I had to manually replace each “pilcrow” by deleting it and pressing Enter.

How strange! :thinking: