Brought files over from old Mac to new, can’t open ANY scrivener files

I just got a new MacBook Air to replace my old MacBook Air (from 2011). I backed up everything in OneDrive online first, which is where I typically store all my projects to save space on my hard drive.

Now none of my projects will open on the new Mac. Every single file is like this, from ones I created years ago to ones I created last week. I’m attaching screen shots of my most recent project for reference. I have followed the steps to look at the package contents. I am not very techy, and roughly 90% of the responses to technical issues I see here are from people who cannot put things in plain, simple terms or steps to follow. Please don’t do that to me. I need not to have to look up what some obscure term is in order to find out how to fix all my files. There is absolutely NO reason I shouldn’t just have been able to open things properly from OneDrive as I’ve done every day for the last nearly 10 years.

OMG…never mind, it was a syncing issue! I re-synced my files, and it all reappeared exactly as it should have. OneDrive had said “up to date,” but it clearly wasn’t. Sigh. :unamused:

Also make sure that you have OneDrive set to keep 100% of your Scrivener project file copies on the local computer. Newer OneDrive builds allow you to mark files and folders as “Always keep on computer” which tells OneDrive to always sync the full file contents down to that machine’s local hard drive. If you have one of the other options selected, the files (and updates to them) will still always be synced to OneDrive, but may not be synced to your local hard drive. For programs like Word that know how to tell OneDrive “hey, I actually need this file, temporarily copy it down for me and then clean it back up when I’m done” this works well, but for Scrivener, it’s a disaster.

So the simple solution is to keep all of your Scrivener projects under a common folder, and then make sure that folder (and all folders/files underneath it) are set “Always keep on computer.”

Other sync engines do this as well, and it has the same bad results.